Poem+ Some Shameless Promo

Hey children!! Okay, so I have lied to you. I know I said I wouldn’t post until Friday (? Maybe? I don’t actually know what I said…), but I missed speaking with you. Here we go!!

So, first, I may or may not sort of write a little bit of poetry. Here’s the problem. It’s a tad bit creepy? Or sad-ish? I tend to write about a lot of nonexistent people, and they always end up dying? I don’t know, I’m sorry. Anyways, to ease you into my writing, I’m going to start of with the happiest poem I have. It’s called Night Train. Ooh, how mysterious. *Spoiler Alert* *whisper* It’s actually not… So, here we go…

Night Train

Walking the streets
Next to a night train

Toeing the line
Between too good
And not good enough

On the brink of tears
But so close to 
Hysterical laughter

My day was warm
My night is cold
But inside the night train
Were people

People laughing
And talking
And eating
And drinking
And just being

Women with short hair
And sparkly dresses
Men with suits
And just loosened ties

All with heads thrown back
Grinning and laughing.

And me
Walking down
Next to the night train
rolling on beside me

Went through my head
Grabbing a rail
Pulling myself up
And laughing with
The rest

The train keeps
Moving, looking
Warm and toasty 
And happy.

People were
Making memories
With strangers
To remember for

And then there’s
Walking the streets
Next to a night train
Going nowhere

So, tell me your thoughts on that, because I like reading those!! However, you probably shouldn’t ask me to explain anything (and this goes for future poems too) (yes, there will be future poems), because I don’t know what I’m writing. And those awkward periods, yeah, they weren’t there on accident. And the lowercase ‘r’ in ‘rolling’, yeah, that was purposeful too. Nothing I do in poetry is accidental. Also, check out my darling friend’s blog, because she’s cool. However, right now, she’s going through a bit of a  hard time, and she’s not completely active right now. However, she does have a couple of posts, which I recommend you read. If you do, this next part will make a lot more sense…

Gods, how I hate Cecil. Agh. Go away, Cecil. Blech. Bad Cecil.

Well, that’s it. I’ll speak to you later?


Oops, I forgot. I had a note. So, this was supposed to be up yesterday, but the poem was in my Language Arts notebook, which I forgot in my locker… Whoops…


25 thoughts on “Poem+ Some Shameless Promo

  1. First of all A++++++++ poem!!! Like it’s amazing???? I’m not crying you’re crying. Anyways I had to go read your darling friend’s post to find out who Cecil was and I’m going to fight him 😦 Some people just don’t know when conversations are over… Also keep writing my child!!!!!!!!!!

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    • Yes, that is actually me. I call being potato the second. Or maybe a bean. But not a green bean, ’cause nobody likes green beans (I swear, if you say ‘I like green beans”…). I’LL BE A COOL BEAN!! Sorry, inside joke…whoops…

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      • Now that reminds me of this musical.ly my friend did where the teacher goes, “If you were a fruit or vegetable, which one would you be?” and then the student goes, “A tomato. Because I don’t fit in the group.” And then the teacher walks away and is like, “Jesus Christ…” Anyway, it’s really funny. 😀 Man, why do I remember all these memes…

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      • I would say ‘lol’, but when I say ‘lol’, I’m usually not laughing but now I am, so I’m going to say haha. Haha. Also, I don’t blame you. One day, we’re all going to sit around the campfire of life and talk about memes. Wow, I’m so philosophical.

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      • “…sit around the campfire and sing the campfire song. The c a m p f i r e s o n g song…” OKAY THIS IS THE LAST TIME I SWEAR or maybe not. Memes are my specialty. XD

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      • Oh, Amelie… You know, that’s how she actually talks in real life. There is a distinct questioning tone to majority of what she says. I also tend to read things that don’t need question marks but have question marks in an ‘Amelie Voice’. Copyrighted, by the way. By me. I’m the only one allowed to use the ‘Amelie Voice’ (except for maybe Amelie…Maybe…). I’m just too lazy to add any symbols. Oh, and how could I forget. Confession time… I have never played checkers ever before ever. I don’t even really understand checkers.

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      • Imagine a world were everything ended in three question marks??? That will be Amelie’s world no doubt??? (haha, I overrided your copyright??? Mwahaha???) Okay, I’m gonna stop now… you know, that would be pretty neat. 😀 I wonder what Amelie would be like as a ruler… anyway, I gotta go. Byeee!

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  2. I love the poem!! Wow, that felt weird, I don’t compliment Ivy often. It’s a two-way street. Anyways, I’m Ivy’s darling friend. Thanks, Ivy! (again, weird). You’re right, Cecil is pretty awful. Lots of people agree. *shameless promotion* check out my blog to read more (wink, wink). Oops, just stole Ivy’s thing there. Sorry!!

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