Poem Time!!

Hello, all. So, I am back. Yay!! CUE THE ROSES!! Actually, no, not roses, they have thorns… CUE THE… DAFFODILS!! Because daffodils are underrated. I had the nerve to not post for over a week?? I am ever so sorry, by the way. Oh, so, Beauty and the Beast came out yesterday, and I have been waiting my entire life for the moment I could finally watch it, because I am a fan of British/English things/people in general, so I kind of freaked out when this movie came along with its variety of actors and actresses, mostly from fandoms I was previously affiliated with. See, this movie literally has Hermione, Bard, Gandalf, Obi Wan Kenobi, and, of course, though he is not British or English, Olaf. Yes. Olaf. I don’t know what to do with myself, I must watch it. I MUST WATCH IT!! So then I did and it was literal perfection. I highly recommend it. 🙂 Now, because that awkward little rant that I wasn’t supposed to go off on is over, let the poetry begin.Actually, no. See, I’ve realized that poetry is something that comes easier to me than entertaining people, and so I’ve been slightly overusing it? But that’s okay, because you are all quite lovely and understanding people.

Light Blue World

We will always remember
The dark purple silences
That overcame us
When we lived
In a light blue world

Everyday we try to forget
The terrible black screams
That haunted us
When we lived
In a light blue world

All of us, together, revere
The deep blue words
That taught us
When we lived
In a light blue world

We hold in our hearts
The soft gray mistakes
That helped us
When we lived
In a light blue world

We were inseparable
All of us, a rainbow
Living in a light blue world
Our light blue world
Where we were happy
Until the light blue that we loved

Our bond was pushed apart,
Red worming in
Through the gaps of our
Linked hands

We stood together
And watched
Our light blue world
Become purple

And all hope was lost
For our light blue world
To become light blue again


Okay, so, yeah. I have a thing with colors, as you will see in the next post. Maybe. Or the one after that? I’m not sure, that one’s in my Language Arts notebook, so if I remember to bring it home. Our teacher doesn’t really give a lot of homework that has to do with the notebook, so I leave it in my locker mostly… ANYWHO. I’m hungry, and my  toe hurts and I just want chocolate. Oh well. Bye friends!!



13 thoughts on “Poem Time!!

  1. Daffodils are the prettiest. xD And I have a thing for colours too! Bright colours make me happy. I love the way you’ve equated colours with emotions; beautifully written.
    I must ask, what is your favourite colour? Have a wonderful day! 🙂

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    • AWWWW THANK YOU!! See, I get this big goofy smile on my face whenever someone compliments my writing (using specificities, of course, not just, ‘oh yeah, you’re good’),and aren’t daffodils just the best?? And ALSO (I’m not letting you leave yet *insert smiley face here because it should be illegal to have smiley faces inside parenthesis*) I love doing stuff with color in general, you know, therefore, I can’t choose a favorite color!! BUT I can give you a small list:
      Pink (but light pink)
      So yeah… i mean, there’s more, but this is a plenty long comment, already, so… I’d be surprised if there are no typos.

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      • Specificities are the best as are daffodils. xD Also, I’m in no hurry to leave and in complete agreement with the fact that smiley faces do not belong inside a parenthesis. Just no (I sincerely hope I’ve never done that). I’m not artistic (nope, not at all) but I do love everything to with colours. I mean, I have an entire post about colours on my blog. 😂😂 The brighter, the better. I like your list of colours! Especially the purple (if you can’t tell, that’s my favourite). xD I’m going to stop typing now, this is longer than yours I think. Oops?
        Oh and, I didn’t notice any typos. 😂

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      • YAY thank the gods, I love this conversation agh, longest conversation I’ve ever had!! *cough* In the blogosphere *cough cough* obviously *clears throat* let’s move on, shall we? MATE I HAVE TO READ THAT POST!! WHAT’S IT CALLED? I LOVE COLORS BECAUSE THEY’RE COOL BEANS!! Purple is definitely one of my favorite colors. Daffodils is so underrated. As is the word ‘specificity’. YAY I FEEL SO UNDERSTOOD!!

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