Stupidiocy with Ryan and Ivy!!

Okay, so me and Ryan are good friends, and we, as friends, share a multitude of experiences. She wrote a post last night about her birthday, and the story of stupidiocy. Basically, we had an argument about if the word ‘stupidity’ was better, or if the word  ‘idiocy’ was better. We compromised on stupidiocy, but I still want to know which one you like better!! So, because I like talking to you children (no, this has nothing to do with proving Ryan wrong…) ( yes, actually it has everything to do with proving Ryan wrong) (I’m not contradictory, you are!!), comment which one you like better. OH and why. Oops, here I go again turning things into school assignments ( sorry…actually not really, but a very tiny little) (I just like knowing what you think. Whoops that’s a bit creepy…). And because you guys are lovely little marshmallows/snowflakes (whichever you like better…), here is a poem.  HA!! Didn’t see that coming , did you?? No, you didn’t, because it’s not in the title. MWAHAHAHAHA. Time to find the real snowflakes/marshmallows. Marshmallows/snowflakes. Remind me to write a post explaining that… Anywho, ONWARDS MY NOBLE STEED!! THE POEM/PEOPLE AWAIT!! (ooh, poem people…)

Flowers are Pretty

Bundles of flowers
One on top of another
Petals crumpling
Leaves folding

Suffocated by a vase
And people
Who don’t really care

Being cut, split, broken by
Blades on stems
Blades on leaves

Away from the
From the
Away from life

Because flowers are pretty.


So, yeah. That’s that. OH! So I’m going to be travelling a bit for the next week, and I think I’ll be back in maybe 4-ish days? But I will post after that. Hopefully. You know, I should just stop leaving you, agh, I’m sorry. I could try to post from my phone? But that´s hard, and I’m lazy…  Blech. So yeah,  sorry about that… But I gave you a poem? I suppose that is it. I may post tomorrow, but don’t get your hopes up, because then you’ll be sad if I don’t. And being sad is bad (haha I rhymed teehee, I’m a poet and I didn’t even know it… lol yeah I kind of did…), so don’t be sad (wow I’m so inspiring and philosophical and stuff…)

See you later, children.



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