My Awkward Obsessions

Heyo!! Agh, who am I, Rico? (Anyone who gets that reference, you get a gold star.) So today, I was thinking about my weirdness. Which I have quite a lot of. And a big part of my weirdness is built off of my obsessions. Without further ado (who says ado? seriously? oh wait….), let us begin:

Name Meanings

I kid you not, I am somewhat slightly a little bit obsessed with name meanings. Not just that, I’m also fascinated with it’s origin, where it’s used, and just kind of everything. Like, recently, I discovered this new website which is everything I have ever dreamed of it is wow. For me. Because I’m weird. So yeah. Whoops. The thing is, if I think your name is cool, I will google it. Not- not that I have done that. Of course. Obviously. Pfffft. I mean. What kind of a weirdo would do that? …moving on.


Okay, so  you may think that this isn’t really weird, and many people love finding inspirational quotes and stuff. Problem is, the quotes I find or try to find aren’t so much inspirational as slightly scary? And then people worry about my twisted mind? But also, I fall in love with so many lines from books? Like, for example, in Crooked Kingdom, knives drawn, pistols blazing. Because that’s what we do. ” – Leigh Bardugo (Kaz)


Charries are the actual best thing. Don’t tell me it’s just me that spends more time analyzing the charries than it took to read the actual book?? Speaking of which, I’m immensely sad, because today, I just finished Crooked Kingdom (and by just, I mean yesterday), and I’m currently in mourning. I literally reread this one part 4 times and kind of teared up (i was crying on the inside…) in class. Which is bad. Because in school, I’m the cool kid (lol nope). But, those who have read it, I assume you know the part of which I’m speaking of…

Just kind of Netflix in general…

Netflix is just so great. Just. Yup. Okay, so currently, I’m in the midst of two shows and in one of them, season three hasn’t come out yet and I’ve been waiting forever and ever and ever. And the other one has like 45  minute episodes and like 7 seasons. And then there’s moreeeee. AGH. I’m on like the 3 episode of season two? It’s been a long journey.

The Interweb

( Yes, I meant to say ‘interweb’). So, I don’t think that you understand internet obsession until you’ve met me… I’m slightly obsessed with Google –  the doodles, etc. I would totally work for Google. Maybe. I mean. It depends on how much work is involved, really… I’m also quite a big fan of the various websites for like everything I enjoy. Exhibit A: Pottermore. IT’S A PLACE WHERE I CAN BE HAPPY AND MYSELF AND A RAVENCLAW AND A THUNDERBIRD AND HAVE LIKE THE BESTEST WAND (it has unicorn hair and it’s silver lime wood and it’s like 10 1/2 inches and it has a slightly yielding flexibility and no i did not memorize all of that). Yeah. Yup. Uh huh. NEXT!!

Grammar (and just kind of writing stuff in general)

So, you know that really annoying friend who you text ever so excitedly, eager to tell them about some random thing and you accidentally ( is that a word??) say ‘your’, and so instead of focusing on what your (see what I did there??) (no sorry I feel bad) (*you’re) telling them, they respond just saying ‘*you’re’? ( I wish I could say that was the longest sentence I’ve ever written, but honestly, it’s not even close) Yeah, that’s me. ‘Nuf said.

LOTR ( and other assorted fandoms)

It is no uncommon fact that fandoms are the most common thing to be obsessed with. The real question is, how many are too much?? So, I am now going to assemble a list, and go on into a rant about LOTR, because that is the main focus of this little section bit. Keep in mind, in this list  is not every book/movie series I am a fan of. These are books/movies that I am a genuine expert (or aspiring expert) (or kind of expert) (you know what, every fandom with a capital ‘E’, I consider myself an expert in, no questions asked. I will elaborate as I go. Because that’s how I do things).

  • PERCY JACKSON – E (this includes Greek mythology. I’m also quite good  at Indian, Roman, and Egyptian)
  • THE HUNGER GAMES (I am quite a big fan, but I’m not as good at a bit of Hunger Games trivia as at, say, Harry Potter. And I’m pretty good at Hunger Games trivia) (Fandoms are the one thing I will take pride in) (which could lead me into a rant about how society has conditioned people to deny compliments, etc. )
  • none really come to mind…
  • LOTR

Okay, explanation time!! Let us begin. So, LOTR, I know a lot about the movies, like the filming, cast, etc. and I’m pretty good at the story, but I’m still reading the books, so…


The reason that this isn’t in the fandoms section is because it is special and deserves it’s own section. See, ships are the most important thing in popular series. Example: Team Gale vs Team Peeta. Which one are you? And am I the only one who is mildly peeved that Luna didn’t end up with Neville? And when you discuss a really good book with your friends, don’t you discuss the ships first?? Or is that just me and now I am an internet outcast? I rest my case. Maybe.


Okay, so this list has gone on for a somewhat long-ish time, but I’ve enjoyed writing it, and so maybe I’ll write another one? Maybe? I don’t know, I’m sure I have more. So. Tell me if you relate so I don’t feel lonelyyyy. Please and thank you. Oh and also!! Did you like this? Genuinely? Because I feel like out of all my posts so far, this was one of my favorites!! Is that bad? Anyways, I think it might be because I spent the most time on this post? Okay, so, yeah, that’s it. 🙂

-Ivy 🙂


Poem Time!!

Hello, all. So, I am back. Yay!! CUE THE ROSES!! Actually, no, not roses, they have thorns… CUE THE… DAFFODILS!! Because daffodils are underrated. I had the nerve to not post for over a week?? I am ever so sorry, by the way. Oh, so, Beauty and the Beast came out yesterday, and I have been waiting my entire life for the moment I could finally watch it, because I am a fan of British/English things/people in general, so I kind of freaked out when this movie came along with its variety of actors and actresses, mostly from fandoms I was previously affiliated with. See, this movie literally has Hermione, Bard, Gandalf, Obi Wan Kenobi, and, of course, though he is not British or English, Olaf. Yes. Olaf. I don’t know what to do with myself, I must watch it. I MUST WATCH IT!! So then I did and it was literal perfection. I highly recommend it. 🙂 Now, because that awkward little rant that I wasn’t supposed to go off on is over, let the poetry begin.Actually, no. See, I’ve realized that poetry is something that comes easier to me than entertaining people, and so I’ve been slightly overusing it? But that’s okay, because you are all quite lovely and understanding people.

Light Blue World

We will always remember
The dark purple silences
That overcame us
When we lived
In a light blue world

Everyday we try to forget
The terrible black screams
That haunted us
When we lived
In a light blue world

All of us, together, revere
The deep blue words
That taught us
When we lived
In a light blue world

We hold in our hearts
The soft gray mistakes
That helped us
When we lived
In a light blue world

We were inseparable
All of us, a rainbow
Living in a light blue world
Our light blue world
Where we were happy
Until the light blue that we loved

Our bond was pushed apart,
Red worming in
Through the gaps of our
Linked hands

We stood together
And watched
Our light blue world
Become purple

And all hope was lost
For our light blue world
To become light blue again


Okay, so, yeah. I have a thing with colors, as you will see in the next post. Maybe. Or the one after that? I’m not sure, that one’s in my Language Arts notebook, so if I remember to bring it home. Our teacher doesn’t really give a lot of homework that has to do with the notebook, so I leave it in my locker mostly… ANYWHO. I’m hungry, and my  toe hurts and I just want chocolate. Oh well. Bye friends!!


Stupidiocy with Ryan and Ivy!!

Okay, so me and Ryan are good friends, and we, as friends, share a multitude of experiences. She wrote a post last night about her birthday, and the story of stupidiocy. Basically, we had an argument about if the word ‘stupidity’ was better, or if the word  ‘idiocy’ was better. We compromised on stupidiocy, but I still want to know which one you like better!! So, because I like talking to you children (no, this has nothing to do with proving Ryan wrong…) ( yes, actually it has everything to do with proving Ryan wrong) (I’m not contradictory, you are!!), comment which one you like better. OH and why. Oops, here I go again turning things into school assignments ( sorry…actually not really, but a very tiny little) (I just like knowing what you think. Whoops that’s a bit creepy…). And because you guys are lovely little marshmallows/snowflakes (whichever you like better…), here is a poem.  HA!! Didn’t see that coming , did you?? No, you didn’t, because it’s not in the title. MWAHAHAHAHA. Time to find the real snowflakes/marshmallows. Marshmallows/snowflakes. Remind me to write a post explaining that… Anywho, ONWARDS MY NOBLE STEED!! THE POEM/PEOPLE AWAIT!! (ooh, poem people…)

Flowers are Pretty

Bundles of flowers
One on top of another
Petals crumpling
Leaves folding

Suffocated by a vase
And people
Who don’t really care

Being cut, split, broken by
Blades on stems
Blades on leaves

Away from the
From the
Away from life

Because flowers are pretty.


So, yeah. That’s that. OH! So I’m going to be travelling a bit for the next week, and I think I’ll be back in maybe 4-ish days? But I will post after that. Hopefully. You know, I should just stop leaving you, agh, I’m sorry. I could try to post from my phone? But that´s hard, and I’m lazy…  Blech. So yeah,  sorry about that… But I gave you a poem? I suppose that is it. I may post tomorrow, but don’t get your hopes up, because then you’ll be sad if I don’t. And being sad is bad (haha I rhymed teehee, I’m a poet and I didn’t even know it… lol yeah I kind of did…), so don’t be sad (wow I’m so inspiring and philosophical and stuff…)

See you later, children.


Poem+ Some Shameless Promo

Hey children!! Okay, so I have lied to you. I know I said I wouldn’t post until Friday (? Maybe? I don’t actually know what I said…), but I missed speaking with you. Here we go!!

So, first, I may or may not sort of write a little bit of poetry. Here’s the problem. It’s a tad bit creepy? Or sad-ish? I tend to write about a lot of nonexistent people, and they always end up dying? I don’t know, I’m sorry. Anyways, to ease you into my writing, I’m going to start of with the happiest poem I have. It’s called Night Train. Ooh, how mysterious. *Spoiler Alert* *whisper* It’s actually not… So, here we go…

Night Train

Walking the streets
Next to a night train

Toeing the line
Between too good
And not good enough

On the brink of tears
But so close to 
Hysterical laughter

My day was warm
My night is cold
But inside the night train
Were people

People laughing
And talking
And eating
And drinking
And just being

Women with short hair
And sparkly dresses
Men with suits
And just loosened ties

All with heads thrown back
Grinning and laughing.

And me
Walking down
Next to the night train
rolling on beside me

Went through my head
Grabbing a rail
Pulling myself up
And laughing with
The rest

The train keeps
Moving, looking
Warm and toasty 
And happy.

People were
Making memories
With strangers
To remember for

And then there’s
Walking the streets
Next to a night train
Going nowhere

So, tell me your thoughts on that, because I like reading those!! However, you probably shouldn’t ask me to explain anything (and this goes for future poems too) (yes, there will be future poems), because I don’t know what I’m writing. And those awkward periods, yeah, they weren’t there on accident. And the lowercase ‘r’ in ‘rolling’, yeah, that was purposeful too. Nothing I do in poetry is accidental. Also, check out my darling friend’s blog, because she’s cool. However, right now, she’s going through a bit of a  hard time, and she’s not completely active right now. However, she does have a couple of posts, which I recommend you read. If you do, this next part will make a lot more sense…

Gods, how I hate Cecil. Agh. Go away, Cecil. Blech. Bad Cecil.

Well, that’s it. I’ll speak to you later?


Oops, I forgot. I had a note. So, this was supposed to be up yesterday, but the poem was in my Language Arts notebook, which I forgot in my locker… Whoops…

Happy March!! + WARNING!!

Heyo guys (anyone who gets that reference gets a gold star…but not a real one… shout out then)!! Guess who’s back, back again. Ivy’s back, tell a friend.

*clears throat*

Sorry. Got a bit carried away there.

ANYWAYS!! Happy March!! This month, a multitude of my friends are turning old, and so is my iddle sister. Yay. I mean, YAY!! So, yeah, happy birthday and stuff.

As for the warning, I will not be posting for a week. An exact week. Really. No lie. I’m sorry. I’m not very regular with posting anyways, but this week, I discovered I had a social life, so that’s new. The last time I did this was way back in the beginning of February. Yes. But I thought I’d change… spoiler… I didn’t. So, yeah. This weekend, I will be giving up second breakfast, elevenses, and supper (again, if you get the reference, you get a gold star…or shout out…probably shout out, because I’m running a bit low on gold stars…)!! I know!!

So, yes, that’s happening. Yup. I have no goals, no aspirations, no- OH I FORGOT!! I’m going to attempt to start a bullet journal. *happy clappy cheering noise*

Well… That was quite short. Whoops. Alright, well, too bad.
No, sorry, I’ll make it up to you next time though. Hopefully.