Hello one, hello all, and I am back (as you may be able to see), with a post after, what, two (?) weeks? I apologize. HOWEVER!! To make up for it I am doing my second collab with my friend yay. So, her name is Violet, and you may know her already, and she’s cool beans, and her blog is called Vibrantly Violet and that’s coolio too, so check that out. So, this post was supposed to be all spontaneous and stuff, and unplanned, or whatever, but that didn’t really work out… This was supposed to be posted a couple days ago, and so yeah… Oh, and so I realized that a couple of days ago was the two month blogiversary of  this blog, so that’s a good thing?  And also, it’s now April, and I should be pranking you, but I’m not going to. ALSO, TODAY IS FRED AND GEORGE’S BIRTHDAY SO YAY!! ANYWAYS ON TO THE IMPORTANT STUFF!!

I am now realizing I have not explained what we are doing. I will do that now. So, it’s basically like a ‘who knows the other better’ type of thing. ish.

1. At the moment, which fandom is the other child discovering (or rediscovering…)?

Ivy (answering for Vi): Harry Potter (or at least she better be)

Vi (pronounced ‘Vee’, cause Ivy said so)(answering for Ivy): Ummmm… I DON’T KNOW

Ivy (speaking as Ivy): …You disgrace…. Lord of the Rings, obviously, have you not listened when I was talking about how great everyone’s hair is??

Vi (speaking as Vi): *Cries*


Vi (as Vi): Kind of… Close enough!!!

Ivy: What was it??

Vi: Harry Potter was one of them so you were correct

Ivy: One of them, the rest being…

Vi: Stufffffffffffff

I: ugh. QUESTION TWO!! This one’s on you, Vi.

V: Okay, lots of pressure

I: As there should be.

2. In all of your academic life, what was your least favorite year?

I: Gosh darn it, you’re out to get me!! This is your revenge?? Darn you… Um, I MUST TRY.

V: Hahahahaha I laugh at you

I: *shaking head* Okay. Not sixth, ‘cause that’s when you met me *winning smile*…

I: Umm… third. No second. No first. Yeah, okay, first. NO. Kindergarten? NOOOOOOO. Kindergarten, final answer.

V: *Evil grin* NOPEEEEE TOO LATE. It was fifth


V: Umm, I’m guessing Ivy’s least favorite grade …

I: Oh, you won’t know this. This is your downfall.

V: …is fifth???

I: HA!! See, you would think that, because my teacher was somewhat rubbish, but I disliked my second grade teacher even more, and I disliked my school back then as well.

V: GOSH DARN IT!!!!!! We both failed, except you had like five billion guesses and you still failed!!!

I: Gosh, no need to rub it in… QUESTION THE THIRD!! FOR NARNIAAAA!!



V: You should, much more often

I: yeah, yeah. But would you believe me if I said that I knew you were going to say that?

V: Wow, now you’re saying I’m predictable?

I: No…

V: Or you know me so well!!!! *grins*

I: yup, that’s it.

V:  Question, Ivy?

3. Is the person a dog person, or a cat person?

I: Dog person, obviously.

V: OHHH Cat person, correct? You told me.

I: yeah. And you own a dog so…

V: Yup You are right, LOVE YOU JUPITER

I: You know that newish Little Mix song, shoutout to mY ex? Well, this is shout out to my pet… 🙂

V: HA you’re so PUNny, Ivy


V: I would if you were…

I:… yeah I had that one coming. Okay, next question is yours.

4. Who is the other person’s (current) favorite band?

V: I know yours but I don’t think you want me to say it, do you?

I: I’m warning you, I may kill you…

V: So, How well do you know me???

I: I didn’t even know you listened to bands…

V: Well I do…

I: Ugh. I’m going to say twenty one pilots because they’re quite popular at school right now.

V: Nopeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

I: Don’t tell me you listen to k-pop??

V: Yeah but which BAND

I: Are you serious??

V: Dead serious

I: Okay umm BTS? Exo?


I: Oh my gods you’re one of them

V: I’m sorry but a proud ARMY here

I: Oh gods I need a moment. Okay done. NEXT QUESTION!!

5.  Who is the other person’s current favorite artist ( singular, no bands)

V: What if I don’t have one….

I: Wait do you even have one? Yeah that’s what I thought (by the way, we’re typing simultaneously, so, yes, I am a psychic.) I would call this a victory.

V: Yes you are. Ed Sheeran???

I: … darn it.

V: Yesssss *dances on the inside*

I: Okay, your question now.


AND THUS PART ONE ENDS!! Ivy with 4 points (mwahaahahahahahaaa *breaks out into coughing fit*) and Violet with the grand total of… 1!! No, sorry, *sigh*, two… POINT IS, IN ROUND ONE, I HAVE WON!!! CONQUERED THE WORLD!! DEFEATED THE VIOLET!! ACCIDENTALLY USED THREE EXCLAMATION POINTS INSTEAD OF TWO BUT REMAINS TOO LAZY TO FIX IT!! Okay, so, in part two, I didn’t do so well. IF YOU WANT TO READ THAT  (which we all know you do, come on, don’t lie) GO TO VIOLET’S WEBSITE, BECAUSE SHE’S COOL BEANS AND CHECK OUT OUR COLLAB THERE!! I apologize for the overuse of capitalization, but yup. 

Ivy and Violet, where spontaneity meets procrastination. Thank you for reading.



27 thoughts on “Happy April + COLLAB WITH THE DARLING VIOLET GRAY!!

  1. Yay, friendship!! Vi (It’s stuck with you now), how could you forget the Lord of the Rings fandom period. I swear, Ivy responded to everything with a Lord of the Rings reference, which no one understood. Remember her rants about Legolas’s hair, or was I the only one who had to sit through that? That whole favorite K-POP band thing was impressive, Ivy! (bask in glory because you’re not going to hear another compliment for quite a while)

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  2. I love this post and your blog! I was wondering if you would be interested in my design services. I usually charge, but I will make an exception for you. 🙂 Check out my blog if you’d be interested and contact me for more info! I can’t wait to see more posts from you!

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