About Me :)

Because I’m not very good at the whole ‘Describe Yourself’ thing, I’ll make a list. I also quite like lists, because they make me happy.

  • I say words like ‘quite’, ‘lovely’, and sometimes both together
  • I am currently obsessed with 3 songs, all by Ed Sheeran, all quite old. Small Bump, Lego House, and I See Fire. If you haven’t heard them, go check them out. Keep in mind, my music taste is fickle, and while I will always love these songs, eventually, I may recommend something else.
  • I’m an INFP, which is the only cool thing about me.
  • I’m an avid fan of Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, The Hunger Games, Divergent, just most of the well known ones, and then a bunch of either realistic fiction, mystery or fantasy. Sci-fi… well it depends.
  • I am a self proclaimed chocolate enthusiast.
  • I do like to write stuff, mainly poems, because usually for stories, I get lost in the middle and then I can’t decide how it should end. However, there is one story that I’m working on that I’m rather fond of, so that may pop up along the way.
  • I am an avid reader, but not-so-much on the nonfiction side. I tend to live vicariously through my characters, and it’s not as interesting when they are learning about potential and kinetic energy.
  • Characters are very important to me. They’re one of the best parts of writing. You may meet a few later… No promises…
  • I’m both stubborn (or persistent) and can be a bit of a pushover, especially when it comes to guilt trips (did I mention I’m contradictory? And a hypocrite.).
  • I have a unique taste in music- like seriously, unique.
  • I tend to get overly concerned about what people think about me and first impressions are insanely important to me.

If you have any questions, that aren’t things like age, feel free and ask! The comments are open and I really like talking to you lovely people. As you may know. I feel like I’ve maybe missed some things that I don’t generally think about, so again. Question, comment. Don’t be a ghost reader. Unless you want to be. In which case, go for it. Honestly, just do what you want to. I can’t control you, nor do I want to. Free will and justice and peace and… yeah. ‘Til next time.