The Liebster Award

Ello friends. It’s been a while. I mean not really, only a week, in comparison to the 3 months I abandoned you (I’m still sorry).  So this is an actual tag thing that I am doing. I don’t usually do tags but here’s an exception because my unannounced and unexpected hiatus has changed me. I am a new person. Not really. ANYWHO.

So, I have been nominated for this tag by the amazingly spectacular LIZZY, so go check out her blog, and thank you for nominating me. 🙂

The Rules:

Acknowledge the blogger who nominated you.

Answer the 11 questions given by the blogger who nominated you.

Nominate 11 other bloggers.

Ask 11 new questions for them to answer.

1) What is your least favorite food?

Kettle corn because it’s disgusting and a popcorn wannabe. Why is it sweet? The world may never know.

2) What is one place in the world that you want to visit?

Europe in general, because Harry Potter and DDLJ. More specifically, I have to go to King’s Cross Station in about 5 years. And while I’m there, running into platforms, I’ll also run for some trains. This is what one calls “killing two birds with one stone”. Except not doves because then Baldev Singh won’t like me.

3) What is something on your bucket list?

I actually don’t have a bucket list? But one day, I’d like to (for a day) greet a bunch of people at the door of a grocery store with an offered hug and like a genuine hi. Now that I’m reading that over, I’m realizing how weird that is. Oops?

4) Coffee or tea?

Umm, tea? But chai, not with water because no. But cold coffee is okay, so there’s that too.

5) What is your favorite book?

All of the above.

6) What is your favorite thing about blogging?

People. The people are so great, and I love hearing everyone’s voices and seeing all the unique blogs and it’s great. That’s too sappy. Moving on.

7) What are some of your hobbies?

Music, books, and writing. Also the internet.

8) Sweet or salty?

Sweet!! Except popcorn, because no.

9) Would you rather travel back in time or go to the future?

Future, so that I don’t mess everything up, because I’m Ivy, and that’s what I’ll do.

10) Do you play any sports?


11) What is your favorite TV show?

I don’t really watch TV, but on Netflix, Psych was great (UNTIL THEY TOOK IT OFF EVIL NETFLIX PEOPLE IT WAS TERRIBLE).


Okay, so that’s it. I also have to nominate people, but I’m not good at that, so I nominate everyone who deigns to read this. If you’ve already done it, I’m sorry, and you don’t have to do it again (unless you want to of course, in which case go ahead).

On a more unrelated note, my dear friend Violet’s birthday is on July 30, and I think she may post then, so go spam her.




Guess who’s back, back again. (boots are back tell a friend). Sorry.

ANYWHO, it’s been a while. A long while. A very long while. Let me explain my sudden reappearance. Basically, I just saw a comment and it made me really happy and so I was like ooh, let’s post. I mean not exactly like that, but.

I feel the most important thing now is informing you about my ever so exciting life.


  • It ended. *cue the confetti*
  • But it also will start in like 2 weeks so *collective awww from audience (that’s you. aww for me)*


  • Which is ending in two weeks. Let’s stop thinking negatively and move on to what did happen this summer.
  • So, I went to India in June which was fun. I also died from heatstroke, and also drowned in the rain. No, actually, I was looking forward to the rain, because monsoon and all, but it didn’t rain that much (at least where I was) (when I was) (actually, when I left, the rain decided to show up so)
  • OH AND DID I MENTION I TURNED OLD MY BIRTHDAY WAS IN JUNE (you may now flood the comments with happy birthdays)


  • So, because it’s summer, I’ve spent a lot of my time watching movies.
  • I will now grace you with a list
  • I recently had a Lord of the Rings marathon, and because I watched the extended edition, I spent 11 hours on it
  • That fact wasn’t necessary but oh well
  • I’ve also been watching a whole lot of 90s Bollywood movies? (no i dont care what you tell me that was my era)
  • Dil To Pagal Hai
  • umm
  • umm
  • ummmmmmmm
  • Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge (because it was like the best movie and i’ve watched it like 8 times)
  • Now that I look at this list, I’m realizing it actually wasn’t a whole lot
  • Oh wait, Hum Saath-Saath Hain
  • Was that 90s?
  • Hum Aapke Hain Koun
  • And then the more recent ones too
  • Like Khoobsurat, Chennai Express, (now realizing that these were all like 3 years ago)
  • Umm I think that’s it, this part is too big anyways.
  • Okay what now?


  • Okay, so, I’m trying very hard, and I finished the Hobbit and the Fellowship, but I still have to read the Two Towers, and Return of the King.
  • These books are like 400 pages
  • Maybe more
  • Oh, and let’s not forget the Silmarillion
  • And then closer to the beginning of summer, I read Between Shades of Gray (which was A +++) and also Full Cicada Moon (also A++)
  • Honestly, I didn’t know it was a novel-in-verse , so that was a surprise, but it was cool , so, yeah.


  • I’ve been chasing plot bunnies around, and I kind of started outlining a story, but other than that
  • *tumbleweed rolls through and then like 8 more*


  • Currently at 40 followers (idk how but i’ll accept it thank ye lovely peoples)
  •  My top commenter is *drumroll please*
  • MAY EVERLY (who else guessed that come on)
  • My most popular day is Tuesday (that’s the day I was born no lie)
  • My most popular hour is 1:00 PM
  • That’s actually a decent hour okay, fair.
  • Umm, so, I think that’s it.

Point is, I’m back, and hopefully I won’t disappear as much anymore.