The Collab We’ve All Been Waiting For… ft. May Everly… YAY!!

1.Hello you lovely people! Names?

A: Alaira.

R: I apologize for her rudeness. I’m Ryet.

M: And I’m Mery! Nice to meet you!

F: Fynn Halleck, pleasure to make your acquaintance.

A: Why so stiff, pretty boy?

C: *coughs* I’m Chislon.

2.What would you bring if you were stranded on an island?

A: I’d bring my weapons. *spins daggers* You never know when you’ll need ‘em.

R: I would bring my maps, and my survival kit stuff.

M: My clothes! And food. Food is important. Especially chocolate.

R: Oh yeah! I forgot about food. *nods* Yes. Food.

F: Water, clothes, food, and other supplies to survive.

C: Um, I don’t know. What they said?

M: C’mon Chislon! There’s got to be something you’d want to bring!

C: Um… *blushes* A blanket? One my grandmother made me.


3.If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?

A: This is an impossible question.

M: I agree.

R: Ditto.

F: Well, technically speaking, you can’t survive on one food for your whole life. But… I’ll say onions, because it’s very healthy and contains water, and gives you almost all the essential proteins and nutrients to live for a long time.

R: Um, you know it’s not asking you that seriously, right? It means something like CAKE or ICE CREAM or PIE or―  


R: *nods* Mm, yes, chocolate.

C: …I like apples.

4.If you had to lose a sense, what would it be… and why?

A: I would lose my sense of… smell. Everything else I just can’t imagine living without, like hearing or sight, or feeling, or taste.

R: Especially taste.

A: So you agree?

R: Uh huh.

A *mutters* That’s a first.

R: Hey!

F: AHEM. If I had to, I would lose my sense of hearing, since that can easily be recovered with the technology we have today.

A: But it’s not the same!

F: Says the girl who chose the option that won’t ever be fixed.

R: *snorts*

C: I think I’d lose my sense of taste.

M & R: *stares in shock*

M: Chislon! Do you know what that means? YOU WON’T EVER GET TO TASTE CHOCOLATE ANYMORE!

C: And? What sense would you want to lose?

M: Well, if I had to, my sense of feeling, because I’d NEVER want to lose my sense of taste!

C: So you’d rather taste chocolate than feel the smoothness of your pretty dresses?

M: …

5.If you had could go anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?

A: I just want to get out of Adimen and Folasia and all these clusters of little cities. I want to go beyond the ocean. It’s so… plain… here. There’s so much out there to explore!

R: Same. Especially because we don’t know what’s beyond this droughtland.

M: I’m really not knowledgeable about what’s outside of the droughtland… But maybe the Oceanside! Chislon’s from there and it sounds just wonderful.

C: *mutters* Not after seventeen years.

F: Does no one want to visit the mountains?

M: Where?

F: The mountains. In the north.

A, R, C, M: …

A: We never learned about that.

F: Oh.


6.Would you want to live forever?

A: No.

R: Nope.

M: Maybe?

F: Perhaps.

C: No.

F: Why not?

A: Because then you live on forever and forever and what if you want to die to escape something?

R, M, F, C: …

R: I was thinking more of how all your loved ones will die and you’ll keep on living and be left all alone.

A: That too, I guess.

7. Dream job?

A: Anything but a soldier. Well, actually, it’s quite fun. Just not training. But great self-defense. And weapons. Don’t forget the weapons.

R: I, um, actually want to be, er, a…

M: A…

R: *blushes* *mutters* A historian.

A: A historian?! Why?

R: History is so interesting! Especially how all of this droughtland came to be. And maps are so cool.

F: So do you want to be a geographer?

R: NO. Old maps. I like old maps. Studying old maps. Although new maps are nice too.

C: You’re embarrassed.

R: What? No! I’m not!

A, M, F, C: *pointed look*

R: Okay, fine, maybe a little. But do you have any better aspirations?

M: I wanna be a cook! Or a chef. Or a baker!

F: A scientist. I’ve always wanted to be a scientist…

C: Can I be a pilot?

A: Chislon. You almost threw up when our Orb was falling.

C: Yeah, but… But… *clears throat* What did you say you wanted to be again?

A: I’ll just be a journalist. Like I used to be…

R: *pats back*

8.Would you rather have feet for hands, or hands for feet?

A: Hands for feet. More hands to carry weapons. And hit people.

R: *mutters* Why do you always answer first? *is punched in shoulder by Alaira* Hey! Hmph, fine. Hands for feet. I’d be like a monkey then.

M: Hands for feet!

F: Hands for feet.

C: Hands for feet?

F: Honestly, who asked this question? It’s obvious that we all want hands for feet.

Ivy: *is hurt*

((BTW, that “Ivy” part was me. May. As in May Everly, and not Ivy’s character May.))




So, yes, first collab, done. We’ve been working towards this for a while. Now it’s done. So, yes, it is an Ivy Ashtyn trademark to have no form of entertainment other than word. No picture, gifs, or graphics of any sort. Of course, with May, everything has changed. Yay. Okay, so that’s it. Hope you enjoyed. May’s blog’s link link (haha, loving all of the possessives… no I’m not), because I’m obligated. Actually, no, because she’s a somewhat nice person. Okay, moving on. And, the actual post.



Short Little Promo Thingy (because I’ve been feeling guilty all day)

Okay, so, I plan to make, like, two shoutouts to my two blogger friends, who happen to be somewhat new to the blogosphere, and I said I would make a shout out to but haven’t and today happens to be a birthday of one of their’s, and yeah.

Point is, happy birthday, Amelie.


Amelie from Scary Pear

Cas from Lemon Lullabies

So, this was short. That’s okay. I wasn’t planning to post today, anyways.

Beautiful People #22 – Couples Edition

HELLO!! Here is the post I promised. You’re welcome. Didn’t expect THIS post, did you?? Or maybe you did, because of the May and Alex Q&A… I should’ve thought this through… *goes off to ponder in silence next to a window in a dark room because that is what pondering looks like obviously oops I sense a rant I’ll leave now*


Anyways, for those lovely people unaware of what this coolio thing called Beautiful People is, I’m going to explain it. You’re welcome. It’s basically a monthly linkup for writers, hosted by the lovely  Cait (from PaperFury) and Sky (from Further Up and Further In). YAY!!


ON TO THE QUESTIONSSS!! Oh, and if you haven’t guessed yet, these questions are going to be answered about May and Alex.

Question 1- How and why did they meet?

Well, Alex nearly ran May over, so… Basically, she was sitting in the middle of the road and it was dark, and the stars were out, and stuff. How romantic, am I right? Wow, my characters are so lucky to have me. Anyways, May’s car had broken down, and so she decided to sit in the middle of the ‘deserted’ (or so she thought) bridge. And then, along came Alex, and yeah.

Question 2- What were their first impressions of each other?

Alex thought she was crazy and started yelling at her, while she was just vaguely annoyed and too tired to even care, and so she just stared at him like, ‘what the heck go away’.

Question 3- How would they prove their love for each other?

Umm… I’m not really sure. I suppose because *THIS CONTENT IS CENSORED BECAUSE SPOILERS*, Alex would get in trouble for May with her family, and May would try to mend Alex’s realtionship with his mum… BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE *DUN DUN DUNNNNN* Haha, Dun, like Josh Dun, haha I’m so punny.

Question 4- What would be an ideal date?

Well, Alex is an absolute cheeseball, so he’s cool with anything….As long as he’s with May… *cue the ‘awww’s* He sickens me. No he doesn’t, I’m sorry, he’s so great. May on the other hand, would probably want to the top of some great monument, like the Statue of Liberty, or the Eiffel Tower, or something. Actually, that gives me an idea…

Question 5- Is there something they emphatically disagree on?

That’s, like, everything. Umm… specifically music or food. OR weather! Alex likes the sun, May likes the rain, and Alex doesn’t like May’s music and calls it ‘indie trash’ (not expressing my beliefs at all, I like indie music), and May thinks Alex’s rock music is too ‘aggressive’.

Question 6- List 5 “food quirks” they know about each other.(Ex: how they take their coffee, if they’re allergic to something, etc….and feel free to mention other non-food quirks!)

  1. Alex is a total health nut (May is not).
  2. They both prefer hot chocolate to coffee (but Alex prefers green tea)
  3. Alex despises bubble tea, saying that it ruined tea, while May just doesn’t like tea
  4. May doesn’t believe in eating gummy bears, because they have faces that she “can see” (no, she’s not vegetarian)
  5. Alex has been trying to go vegetarian for 3 years… and always fails

Question 7-What’s one thing they know about each other that no one else does?

Alex knows how much May loves music/ is a real softie, and May knows Alex was a good cook and then was made fun of for it, and so he has a very strong hatred for any sexist people.

Question 8- What’s one thing that they keep a secret from each other?

May hasn’t told Alex about why she loves the stars so much, and Alex hasn’t told May about *SPOILER I’M SERIOUS BIG SPOILER LIKE SERIOUSLY FEEL FREE TO CLOSE YOUR EYES AND JUST SCROLLhis sister who may or may not have died.

Question 9- How would their lives be different without each other?

They wouldn’t have had the ‘adventure’ that this is and Alia and Nyk would’ve never met, and they wouldn’t get where they’re going and Alex *SPOILER* would have ended up with Mya.

Question 10-Where do they each see this relationship going?

They’re in denial… whoops…


So, yup, that’s it!! Any ship names? I’m thinking Malex, but I’m not sure… So, yup!!

Have a nice life.


Favorite Lyrics/Songs (Currently)

Hello, all! Okay, so, I was planning a post for yesterday, but because I’m last minute and I procrastinate, I’m doing it later today (TWO POSTS IN ONE DAY WHAT CUE THE SCREAMS AND FANGIRLING AHH!!). Yup. Okay, so, on to the post.

Songs (and their stories):

Wake Me Up- Ed Sheeran: So, this song is so great, just agh. I’m in love with the live version (on Spotify), where he kind of explains the backstory and just yes.

Superman-Ivory Layne: Gods, I love this song. The entire song has the sweetest lyrics, but I’m going to have to choose a part. Agh.

Firefly-Ed Sheeran (there is a lot of Ed in this post, isn’t there?): Okay, in all honesty, this song hasn’t gone on to my favorites list (yes, I know, how dare I, I’m sorry), but I do like the lyrics. Ed is just the lyric god. Yes.

Where We Land- Ed Sheeran (yet again ladies and gentlemen): This song has been stuck in my head all day and just agh.

Okay, that’s enough.



Wake Me Up- (this is such a clever line in my opinion, just wow)

“See I could do without a tan
On my left hand,
Where my fourth finger meets my knuckle”

(and this is just funny)

“And I know you love Shrek
‘Cause we’ve watched it 12 times
But maybe you’re hoping for a fairy tale too
And if your DVD breaks today
You should’ve got a VCR
Because I’ve never owned a Blue ray, true say”

Okay, NEXT:


Superman- (this is just so fun to sing and the lyrics are so great and I don’t want to use ‘clever’ again, but literally every lyric I will be speaking about will be described as clever)

” But you fell short ’cause you needed lungs to breath
And you can’t fly look with eyes like laser beams
And I was blind for wanting you to rescue me
But you work hard in the clouds
And I was left on the ground”


Firefly- (lots of choruses being chosen…whoops)

“There’s a firefly
Loose tonight
Better catch it
Before it burns this place down
And I lie
If I don’t feel so right
But the world looks better
Through your eyes”

Where We Land- (this is really short…sorry)

” Do I love you?
Do I hate you?
I can’t make up my mind
So let’s freefall
See where we land”

So, yup. Next post is in maybe a few hours? But I may be slightly sidetracked, because I’m currently rewatching LOTR… That always tends to distract me… Latest, next post will be tomorrow evening. Talk to meeee (about your favorite lyrics and songs)!!


Interview with May and Alex

I hope you appreciate me neglecting my work for you… But this post was planned for a very long time. Just keep in mind, this is a bit awkward because I tried my best to use words to describe what was going on in my head, and it probably isn’t going to work out as well as I want it to…

So, here we go.

Everyone, I’d like you to meet…

May and Alex! *rounds of applause, Alex looks awkward, May smiles and waves, Alex pulls May onto nice beige couch*

Me: Hello May, Alex, what bring you here on this fine day?

May: *stage whispers* We’re your characters…

Alex: *nods* I hate to agree with her, but…

May: *attempts to shove Alex off the couch*

Alex: Hey, I was on your side

Me: Right, well, hello.

May: Hi.

Alex: Hello.

Me: Okay, so, anyone going to introduce themselves?

May: Well, I’m May, from 20-17, a new story that Ivy is rather proud of, and I’m her favorite.

Me: MAY! Shhh… Alex wasn’t supposed to know…

Alex: Sorry, what? I’m practically the main character.

May: You are… By accident.

Alex: I-

Me: MOVING ON! So, you’re from 20-17, huh? What’s that like? What’s it about?

May: Umm… We go on a road trip?

Alex: In my car that I was kind enough to let you in after yours broke down. Oh, and we play this weird dare thing that May came up with.

May: The dare game. Yes. Fine piece of art.

Alex: It is, isn’t it? I’m proud of you, May. And we get points.

May: Yes, well-

Me: Question 2! Where’s the best place you’ve been, so far?

Alex: Probably the PINK motel.

May: Umm… maybe the bridge…

Alex: Aww, ‘cause you met me there, your best friend forever, your BFF, your-

May: I’m going to stop you there, okay, thank you. And no. Because the stars were pretty there.

Alex: You still haven’t explained that star thing to me.

May: Later. Maybe when Ivy actually posts a chapter of the story.

Alex: Hear that, Ivy?

Me: Yes, I do… Anyways, if you could go anywhere in the world, where would it be… and why?

Alex: That wouldn’t have been that bad of a question except for the ‘why’. You made it sound like a school assignment. And I’d probably go to… Holmes Chapel, in Cheshire. It’s quite…  picturesque. Oh, that’s the UK if anyone didn’t know.

May: I’d go to… Paris, and work in a bakery, ‘cause, you know, free food – maybe, and I really like baked goods. Ooh, and I want to go to the top of the Eiffel Tower.

Alex: You know you can’t-

May: Eiffel Tower, Alex.

Alex: Right then. This is a long interview.

Me: Hush, child. Alright, where are you from?

May: ILLINOIS!! Bestest state in the entire world! Beat that, Alex.

Alex: I’m from Oregon.

May: I’ve heard it rains a lot there. Does it rain a lot there?

Alex: It-

Me: Alright, next! Favorite… word?

May: Hmmm… ghastly. Or abyssmal. Or annihilate. Or-

Alex: Or buttercup…

May: … Shut up, Alex.

Me: Alright then, how about your favorite… color?

May: What an absolutely stupid question.

Alex: Don’t be so mean, May.

May: I refuse to answer.

Alex: I’ll answer for her. She likes green and blue and purple. I like gray.

Me: Well, I think that’s it! Thank you for watching the Ivy Show! Stay tuned for next time, when we will be interviewing Alia and Nyk, two more characters you are completely and adorably clueless about!



May: Sorry, by the way, I tend to get slightly meaner and sarcastic, and even a bit more confident on screen.

Alex: She does.

Me: It’s fine. Chapter one will be up soon… 🙂


‘Til next time,
-Ivy 🙂


Oh, wait! For the first time, I actually have a question! A very important one? Who’s your favorite character out of May and Alex (who are  the only character’s I’ve introduced yet… to you and the story) Thank you!

I must explain… AND HAPPY FEBRUARY!!

I think you may have noticed by now that I don’t believe in three exclamation marks (points? marks? what even…). It’s always two, or none. As I always say, two’s company, but three’s a crowd. I actually never say that. Okay, anyways, no more long winded rants about punctuation. Onto… the point *dun dun duuuunnnn*. Sorry, I’m starved for entertainment.

Anyways, I felt like saying sorry for my lack of inactivity (even though I’ve just started the blog… whoops…). In my defense…Ummm… actually, I have no excuses. I’M SORRY!! Gods, here we go again with the two exclamation points. But I really am sorry, promise. In fact, I won’t eat chocolate for a week, because I was mean to you. Or maybe a day. Possibly an hour. Or half. Or I’ll just gently place my chocolate away for a minute. Yeah, that’s good.

I’m here to tell you a story. This week, in my school, everyone was sick (nearly). By the end of the week, Friday, yesterday (for me), it really depends on when you’ve read this… but Friday, there were 12 children in my first class, 16 in the next, 20-ish after that, and maybe 23-ish in the last one. This is out of about 25 children. I just… AND! Half the children in my last class were quite obviously… unwell… yeah. So, I was fine for the entire school week, and NOW! On a SATURDAY, usually my favorite day of the week… I’m going to let you guess what happened. Okay, I’m really bad at this… because I’m going to tell you!! I’m sick. And so, because I can’t really move around so much (not that I do anyways…), I’m going to post for the first time in, what, a week? So anyways, this is my filler/excuse of a post.

Actually, I forgot!! Happy February! Shout out to any people born in February,  or if they know someone born in February, or if they know February exists, or… ummm… if they exist? I just like shout outs, sorry. Do I say sorry too much? Actually, just ignore that. Unless you have an answer. In which case, comments are always nice (hint hint *attempt at a wink that involves having to hold one eye open*)…

February should be a good month. It’s a rather short month. I like snow. Not that I’ve had much snow. It’s snowed twice in my lifetime (that I remember). Yup. Yay February!! Soon to come is a post about Valentine’s day. And maybe before that, you will get to meet two of my favorite characters. Including one named May. No, that May is in no way based off of May Everly. Speaking of which, if you have any questions for my characters, you know what to do (hint hint *attempt at a wink that involves having to hold one eye open again*).

So yes, live a happy life… and February… yeah… I really need a better way to end these things. Preferably one with an actual period…

My Favorite Books/Series (mostly series, though)

Today is a day I felt like going back down memory lane. Ahh, memory lane. What a nice place. And, of course, when I’m visiting memory lane, I want to meet all those books and series I fell in love with all those many years ago. Now, in honor of those gorgeous books and series, I felt like making a list for you to admire my phases of book series fangirlyness. (Keep in mind that these are in no particular order, just whatever comes into mind first).


  1. Alright, number one. The Harry Potter series. Actually, a lot of these are quite cliche. I’ve been a fan of Harry Potter for almost 9 years now. I watched the movies first, and while that goes against everything I stand for, I wasn’t able to read the books back then.
  2. Next up, The Percy Jackson series! (And the Kane Chronicles and the Heroes of Olympus series). Okay, so Rick Riordan is great. Truly. But the Magnus Chase books, just, I’m not a big fan, personally. Nothing can beat Percy Jackson, and only the Kane Chronicles came close.
  3. The School for Good and Evil series. Wow. Much applause. This is a very deep series. Truly. If you haven’t read it, please do. I’ve heard that there’s going to be a movie coming out soon,but I’m not sure, so if you are sure, please leave a comment, and let me know. Other than that, this book is one I kind of just fell in love with. I couldn’t have stated any flaws with it, and it’s one of those books that I can read over and over again and enjoy every bit. (Not that I don’t do that already…)
  4. The Naturals series! Oh my gods, how could I forget this one. This is so good, absolutely amazing. The idea itself, just, wow, and then the fact that this is one of the books where you can discuss (read: take apart) every character with your friends who happen to be reading it. It’s vaguely about serial killers though, so keep that in mind.
  5. The Hunger Games! Oh gods, I haven’t read this in a few months, agh sorry. It is a really good book, and the movies, like the Harry Potter ones (notice how I didn’t mention the Percy Jackson movies) were really good at staying true to the story. The ideas for these stories, oh gods.
  6. *Now realizing they have all been series so far, Ivy takes a different tactic* Bitter Melon! Good book (not series, you’re welcome *insert smiley face here, because smiley faces look weird in parentheses), especially because the plot is designed to make you think about how horrible humanity is. See, this is why I like realistic fiction. The book is actually about a mother and daughter, and I can’t describe it, because as I’ve mentioned, I suck at descriptions.
  7. The Graceling series. Wow. That was a good series. I must thank May, actually for introducing the series to me. It was definitely a good series, and I loved the way the characters were made, they were all truly special.


You know, 7 is a good number. I might just end it here. I’m sorry for all the text, but I suck with graphics and I’m very bad at finding pictures and/or GIFs. Have a nice day.

Hey, you lovely people !


Hello, everyone. I’m Ivy. Ashtyn. Ivy Ashtyn. Yup. That’s me.

I apologize in advance for all the awkward moments you may encounter on this blog.

So, today is an important day. The day I had important work due, but my lovely blogger friend (link in the ‘P.S.’) forced me to ignore my homework that is due tomorrow. Friend of the year award everyone. But actually, this friend is a lovely person. Surprisingly. Don’t get too happy, May. You’re not that great. She not only made me post this, but also helped me out with a lot of the graphics you will be seeing, as well as the header. She’s somewhat of a cool person.

Now, onto the things I’m sure you’re absolutely dying to know. The blog! So, I plan to write stuff about music, just songs that I personally enjoy, fandom stuff, stuff about my characters, who I hope you will like… And books and just kind of writing in general. Maybe even some stuff about life…? Which I’m not really qualified for, considering how disorganized everything is. 

Well I think that’s it. Thank you for surviving through the first post, and… yeah!

And… GOODBYE. Oh wow, that’s another thing. Not big on all caps or exclamation points.

– Ivy

P.S. That blog’s link…

Go check it out if you haven’t.

P.P.S. Also, I am a big fan of comments. Constructive criticism is always good. So is just random stuff… I really like talking to people… though it may not seem like that…

P.P.P.S. Also, I really like ellipses.